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加拿大快乐8计划 Relying on 18 years' industry experience and global resources, together with our strategic partners, SunVote will keep on devoting itself to better application solutions and promoting further application of audience response system among corporate, government, education and entertainment industries.


17 years went by, people in over 80 countries have already experienced SunVote Voting System. We determined to make each conference, event and class a success and to keep every customer satisfied with our products and service!


SunVote obtained Hunan High-tech Enterprise Certificate and "Double Soft Enterprise" Certificate.


SunVote team first went abroad to develop oversea market. SunVote started to appear at various top international shows.


Launched Wireless Voting Systems tailored for government, corporate and education. Nearly 1000 audiences at the Annual Alibaba Netrepreneur Conference vote with Sunvote effortlessly.


Launched Wireless E-voting System tailor for People's Congress. Hunan selection and appointment of cadres pilot program ran successfully!


Became China's first Wireless Voting System provider. It made its first appearance at Pingyao International Photography Festival.


Became leading Voting System provider in China. 70% of the channels nationwide chosen SunVote as their partner.


SunVote was founded and launched the first Audience Response System in China that had the required reliability for live broadcast.

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