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  • See how the voting keypad fancy company annual meeting!
  • 2019-02-22
  • Nearing the end of 2018, the annual meeting season comes again. The various annual conferences are also emerged...

    As a major event for enterprises, the annual meeting is not only a reunion dinner for the big family of enterprises, but also a look back at the future. And an important occasion to show corporate care and promote corporate culture. In recent years, the annual meeting has become the most popular topic for everyone after a meal, and it has gradually evolved into a new way of playing "fancy eyeballs".

    The innovative annual meeting can not only stimulate the enthusiasm and motivation of the employees, but also stimulate the atmosphere of the scene, and aggregate customers and partners, enhance mutual relations, and at the same time achieve the purpose of brand communication, highlighting the strength of the company.

    Every year there is annual meeting, and this year should be different!

    Most of the traditional annual meetings are put old wines into new bottles, performing programs, leader speeches, and lottery... There is no innovation at all. Employees are mostly bystanders or passive participants, unable to fully devote themselves to the state. As a result, the well-planned annual meeting activities failed to achieve the desired results and lost their original meaning.

    The significance of the annual meeting of the enterprise is nothing more than customer appreciation, stimulating morale, creating an organizational atmosphere, deepening internal communication, promoting strategic sharing, and enhancing target recognition... So how can we break the single boring mode of the traditional annual meeting? Let the company be creative and high-end, and at the same time highlight the corporate image and unite the morale of the team... Let's take a look at how SunVote does it!

    [The first round of the annual meeting: Voting Keypads help employees research feedback]

    The annual meeting of the enterprise is not only an inventory of hard work in the past year, but also a prelude to the new year. Listening to the voices of employees, understanding their needs, and creating an organizational culture that is suitable for employee development is an essential element in the operation of the company.

    How to truly and accurately get the voice of employees? It is especially important to conduct an employee satisfaction survey at the annual meeting. However, the traditional questionnaire survey is not only time-consuming and laborious, it can not truly reflect the voice of employees, but also easily lead to the lack of information, which makes the authenticity and accuracy of the survey results greatly reduced.

    Well, is there an instant and efficient feedback tool for employee research?

    Black Technology – SunVote "Voting Keypad" is such a small tool!

    The organizer only needs to edit and set the questionnaire in the PPT. The employee has a voting device and submits a button for each questionnaire. The voting results can be collected in a few seconds and announced immediately. Simple! Fast! Efficient! The most important thing is that the Response Keypad is completely anonymous. For example, "Do you have any idea that you don't want to do it anymore?", "Whether you are satisfied with the company's reward and punishment incentive system", employees can make a bold voice without any worries

    The use of Interactive Voting Device for employee research feedback not only increases the interactivity and interest of the annual meeting itself, but also makes the annual meeting more ambience and mobilizes the enthusiasm of employees. In addition, the SunVote voting system helps companies quickly collect real feedback from employees, automatically collect and count the results of voting, eliminating the need for cumbersome manual collection and statistical work, greatly improving the efficiency of employee research

     [The second round of the annual gameplay: Response Keypads shows its talents in the knowledge contest]

    Interesting annual events are indispensable for large and small competitions. A successful competition can not only improve employee engagement, but also effectively enhance team cohesion. At this time, the SunVote Response Keypads can be used directly! What is the most important thing in the annual meeting? It is the atmosphere! The atmosphere! And the atmosphere! And the SunVote Interactive Voting Device is definitely a good tool for the annual meeting to active the atmosphere. Don't look at it's small size, its function is very powerful, and very simple to use, it can support single choice, multiple choices, numbers and other question types. The participants only need to press the Voting Keypads in their hands, the system will automatically count the answer scores. And real-time projection on the big screen, personal scores, group scores, staff rankings, group rankings and other results all at a glance.

    Using the SunVote Audience Polling System to effectively organize the annual interactive competition game, not only greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of the audience to participate in the annual event, but also effectively activate the atmosphere, so that your annual meeting is no longer boring!

     [The third round of the annual gameplay: Student Clicker that can snatch red envelope inspired the annual meeting atmosphere]

    How can you get no red envelope with such a happy annual meeting? The enterprise red envelopes will be bombarded and the annual meeting will be more gelivable. If you are still using WeChat to grab the red envelope, then you are outdated, the high-end company now use SunVote Student Clicker to grab the red envelope! Create a large screen interaction on the spot, the red envelope appears in the form of a splash screen, press corresponding letter appearing on the red envelope on the Student Clicker and submit, you can participate in the red envelope delivery game, the name and amount will be displayed. It’s time to show your luck, speed and strength! After the answer is completed, the big screen will display the list of winners and the amount in real time. How much each person get is clear at a glance.

    SunVote Student Clicker can snatch red envelope is so interesting, completely subverted the previous red envelope form, tense and exciting and fun, the key point is that the atmosphere can be detonated in minutes, so that the original boring annual meeting will instantly become lively and vivid.

    What kind of Student Clicker has such magic power? That is SunVote S62 Student Clicker (also known as Smart Student Card). This type of Student Clicker has a variety of functions such as classroom sign-in, interactive answering, standard test, campus consumption, telephone communication, etc. It can be said that it is a small size with powerful strength!

    After learning the new gameplay of SunVote Annual Meeting, are you also eager to have a try?

    Want to create age taste+ technology-savvy annual meeting, but limited by time, region, budget, etc.? For the SunVote Audience Response System, that's not a problem. It will help you achieve on-site interaction in minutes, detonating the audience and creating the most atmospheric annual meeting!

    SunVote, the original supplier of the Voting Keypad and Student Clicker, has been focusing on voting and feedback applications for more than 20 years. It has successfully provided Interactive Voting System purchase and rental services for many annual conferences such as Anheuser-Busch InBev and AsoAmazon, guaranteeing each meeting a complete success. In addition to the annual application of the company, the SunVote Audience Polling System is also widely used in shareholders' meetings, academic seminars, industry associations, sales conferences, product roadshows, employee training, etc., in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, millions of users all enjoy the convenience of the SunVote Audience Response System.

    Next annual meeting, make an appointment with SunVote Audience Response System!

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