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  • Applications of Interactive Polling Solution
    Applications of Interactive Polling Solution

    Pre-job or on-job training, vocational training, Sales training, Human resources training.

    CME or medical training sessions.

    Fire and Interactive Safety Compliance Training, Health and Safety Training, Regulations Training.

    Finance, Insurance and Banking training.

    Benefits of Interactive Voting System
    Benefits of Interactive Voting System

    Interactive Response System can quick sign in by a simple press, and group identification by departments and jobs, which help to optimize your training processes, and conduct data statistics, analysis and review.

    加拿大快乐8计划 help collect public response data instantly, quickly test and evaluate the trainees' knowledge level. Response data can be simply saved and tracked for later viewing and print out, and gauging the effectiveness of training programs.

  • SunVote? Interactive Voting System

    How it works

    Interactive Voting System Configuration
    SunVote Interactive Voting System meet various training needs in different training occasions. No matter what type of training it is, you will find one of our Interactive Polling Solutions specially fit to your needs.
    Why choose our Interactive Voting System?
    Simple operation and easy installation without any network, wiring or construction request
    Interactive Voting System
    • Original Manufacturer and 20 years of experience in the Interactive Voting System industry.

    • Have ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHs quality certification, global quality assurance.

    • Multiple Models and diversified Interactive Polling Solutions to meet various voting demands of live event.

    • Meet the on-site voting needs of about 2,000 people in a room.

    • Provide users with the purchase, rental, customization, SDK and other professional services of Interactive Voting System.

    • 2 years warranty for the Interactive Voting Device we offer, and continuous ARS PPT software upgrades for more improvements.

    • Professional technical service team help prepare the meeting in advance and create voting slides and scene display by projection.

    • 24x7 customer service support via phone, email, skype or we chat.

    SunVote Voting Keypads Options
    We Provide multiple product models and multiple service on Purchase, Rental, OEM, SDK of Interactive Response System, to meet all the needs for various training occasions. You can choose the product portfolio that best suits your needs or and choose a tailored service as per your needs and budget.
    Typical Case of Interactive Voting System
    SunVote Interactive Voting System have been used in training test and evaluation by all works of life, and Interactive Response System advantages of easy installation, easy-to-use, safe and confidential, reliable and efficient have been strongly confirmed in many trainings , and have been recognized and praised by users.
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